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Discussion on: The Case for Low Code

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It's a huge spectrum. I've seen comparable arguments regarding languages like Python compared to C. Python gives you both dictionaries and memory management/garbage collection for no code/free. Sure, you can import a 3rd party dictionary implementation in C, but by the same token you can write your own in Python too, and then rewrite it in C if your Python implementation is too slow.
I see the ideal no/low code solution similarly - GUI, but customisable all the way down, much like I can write <html><p>hello code</p></html>...but then I can add styling, pick font, pick alignment etc going more and more custom mostly via gui, eventually using the GUI to specify a custom font file I made, all the way down to a custom vector drawn font that responds to the screen size and cursor/touch inputs.

Ideally this would be some sort of code generator/editor that can recognise where the generated code has been customised/extended. Maybe a star next to representation in the editor where you can right click and see/edit the customised code.