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How to create your first javascript project for beginners

tosimiadesoye profile image tosimi adesoye ・3 min read

Ever wanted to create a project and wondered where to start from? yeah me too. I had been learning how to code for about 2 months and had no project to show what I had learnt from all these free amazing websites like khan academy and FreeCodeCamp, it wasn't that I didn't know the syntax already, No. I was stuck in a tutorial hell! I was basically watching other people on Youtube do a tutorial, but I couldn't do mine and I couldn't call these projects that I had built from watching other people online build, mine. Because it wasn't mine, I was basically doing copy and paste of someone else's code and I was honest enough with myself about this.

So here are tips on what you should do in other not to waste time as I did. Start working on a project now! create a folder of and name it anything, make sure it is something simple cause you don't wanna give up halfway, and you absolutely want to finish it and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done, so I'll go ahead to tell you what to do next. Write down your features. I promise you it's as simple as that, for example, my first project was a To-do list app, yes it's boring and people are tired of doing it, but I needed to build something. Will I show employers? No. Did I get satisfaction from doing it? Absolutely yes. why? Because it's mine and I worked really hard on it and I am proud of myself for that and you know the best part? not only did I learn a lot and achieve a lot from it, but I also built the first real project that I could call mine, because now I've actually done something and I could now go ahead and build something that I am really passionate about, because if I can build something as simple as a To-do list, then I can build something even more complex than that and so can you.

So have you decided to also build a To-do list or maybe something else? Good.

The next thing to do is to think of the features you want. For me, I wanted an edit button, a delete button, a search bar and my text, see? Simple.

The next question you are probably asking is how do I turn this into code? and if not, good, it means you are ready. For those who want to know how to turn their written features into code, create your Html file and create your div and give it an id, create your javascript file, get the id into your javascript file, create another div, append your div to the id, create your input and create your text tag, it could be a li or a p tag, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that you are actually doing it and you should be proud of yourself! cause you are finally doing it, are you wondering how to make your p tag your text input? Google how to do it, don't know how to do something else? also google it, a bit unsure about the solution you found on Google or StackOverflow? Go on youtube or are you are having problem making it work? watch someone else do it or try the next solution you find, I promise you, it's as simple as that.

Now, remember you don't want to watch someone else basically do it all for you. No! you want to do it yourself and google your way out of the problem. None of these as worked for you? this is where you ask for help, I promise, there is someone out there who's willing to help because we all started from somewhere and we all deserve to be in the tech space and you and I are gonna smash it and we are here to win and dominate this space. Pat yourself on the back because you are doing great.

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