Is there / Could be an API for posting to DEV.to?

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I wanted to know if there is a way or maybe, something planned to post to DEV.to via an API call or something like that, like you can tweet from the API to make something where I can write a post and then send it here / other places.

Thanks in advance :)

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No there is not, yes there could be.

The main yak shave to make this possible is auth tokens. Ideally a user can have multiple secret tokens.

If we as a team don’t get for it in a timely manner, anyone can feel free to give this a shot in the project.

I can create an issue tomorrow but the details are pretty straightforward. A user needs to “have many” auth tokens and have a place to create/destroy them in their settings.


Hi @ben ,
Any updates on this? Would really love this feature.



One caution I would add is we want to make sure api wouldn't be abused. I'd hate for people to start using the API as a feed dump of their travis builds. lol


Yeah we’d want to be cautious, especially early on, but there could be some interesting use cases on some more for some automated posts.

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