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Discussion on: Where should I host my static website?

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tovare • Edited

I use Cloudflare directly using workers, and it costs $5 a month for unlimited sites.

My monitoring on a very low-traffic site where a cache hit is not that likely suggest a reasonable global response rate of 160 ms in Europe, 210 ms in America, and 270 ms in the Asia-Pacific region (Measured using The global reach is high and the cost low compared to having a single VM in Europe. However, the local latency is more elevated than local traffic to a local datacenter.

There are two small drawbacks:

  1. I would have liked more straightforward controls over headers, and their default script is very "functional," so I find it harder to read and modify than it should be.

  2. Cloudflare's policy is a bit ambiguous on other content types than HTML. Although their intent is clear to use their cache for web-pages and not a file or video-server, their language should be more precise. I do proxy Google cloud functions that produce JSON and such through Cloudflare to get the same origin on everything, and it would be better to be explicitly allowed to do so :-)