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re: What was your worst job interview? VIEW POST


Sorry to hear about your experience. I am currently going through the interview process and have had many similar experiences.

A particular strategy that I do not like and I have see often is "blanket recruiting". Job listings will include a language, such as PHP in my case, as the dominate language and list a few relevant languages (Javascript/SQL). Then once you get on the phone or an in person interview they will ask and expect you to know something else such as Node.JS or .NET (both have happened in my experience). Then even after you explain that you're not familiar they will force you to write something or make up something related to those languages.

Not sure whose fault it is in the end, recruiting manager, hiring manager, software engineers, etc. To me it screams a communication issues throughout the company.

To answer your question, it's not normal to be bullied in the workplace even if it's just for an interview. Be glad that you found out now and not after you started working for them.

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