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Discussion on: Why is Linux Not More Popular on the Desktop?

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Travis • Edited

Read a lot of discussion on here about OSX and Windows and how it just works. I think what you are seeing is OEMs are building their computers to work with Windows, not with Linux. Apple is all in-house so it will always work.

I used windows a long time ago, I used OSX up until recently then switch back to Linux after a long hiatus. What I found is I was treating OSX a lot like Linux, using brew exclusively as I am so used to a cli package manager and prefer that. I do not like having to sign in with an apple ID to download a package. Some packages would be available on a website, some direct you to the app store.

No city is begging a group of Linux devs to come to their town and get a bunch of tax breaks to build a giant facility and bring a bunch of new jobs. One day I hope so.

Also branding and name are going to be a big part of it to go mainstream. I think KDE/Gnome look about the same across different distros however not all install LibreOffice or they use a different software with a weird name.