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Discussion on: Run SQL in Slack

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Jordan Tryon

Ah that is good to hear, when I first looked at this I guess I assumed it was using a non-person ID for SQL access in the backend. So that is cool and solves the whole bad query issue if users have read only access, which I’d hope in real life every company sets their users up that way and does modifiable changes with a NPID and uses store procedures or prepared sql in an app, but that’s a pipe dream hahaha.

And sweet was wondering about how large results were handled. Lol

To answer your question at the end. If I didn’t deal with PHI that can’t be sent even though slack due to being off prem. Then yeah would probably be able to use it if everyone had read only access and queries were forced to be non locking.

Again, Great program!! If my job wasn’t so strict with data, this would save me a boat load of time as a developer when communicating with my internal customers. But to be honest I’m glad we do have the safeguards in place as I’ve noticed a lot of companies don’t and get burned because of it.