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As someone who went through a Bootcamp, I can attest to their value. However, I know of many bootcamps in my city. Some are less useful/reputable than others. I happened to choose the one that was one of the best. Good reputation which led to a good job (also because I live in a very tech oriented city that is open to the idea of bootcamps). There are bad ones out there though. If you’re considering a bootcamp, first and foremost do your research! Talk to alumni, see where their grads get hired, go to their open house if they have one. Definitely google them. And know that nothing is guaranteed. You get out of the program what you put into it. If you go above and beyond and make some good github projects you can display, you’re already ahead of the game. Keep in mind that bootcamps do not really teach you things that will make you to be able to jump into a developer job and contributing meaningful code on day 1. You might be hired by a company that uses a totally different stack. What good bootcamps do is prepare you to enter the field and teach you how to pick up new technologies quickly. In essence, they teach you to learn effectively. Software engineers/developers always need to keep up to date with current technologies, libraries, languages, and standards. You’re always learning. Bootcamps should give you a taste of how quickly things move in the tech world and how often you might be expected to learn new things, even whole languages. And know that bootcamps aren’t the end of the line. You will always be expected to go out and learn more on your own. But after the bootcamp you will know exactly how to do that.

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