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Discussion on: Are you obsessed by programming? 🧠🤯

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Travis Simpson

I suppose I'm a bit of an outlier, and have an article written some time ago about not being obsessed with it. There are other things in life I enjoy spending time on and experiencing, and I've found this to be more true the older I get. Programming is just another tool in the toolbelt allowing me to do a few things extra, much like having power tools in the garage to build/repair things easier. I feel like it's a tad bit unhealthy to push the view of the obsessed programmer as it shines a light on this particular group, creating a problem in the workforce where unless you live, eat, breath and sleep programming, you are not hirable. I work on coding projects anywhere from 0-10+ hours a day depending on my mood, what I need to get done etc. I'd be more than happy to go a good month or so without writing a single line of code. That's more free time to focus on other endeavors. I guess I've just always hated the feeling of being "locked in" to one thing and one thing only.