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Probably around the same age. My best friend and I used to talk about creating our own MMOs back then. Today, he's delved deep in to the world of linguistics, but we constantly bounce ideas off each other for various things. It really, really sunk in to me in my last retail/customer service job, when two things happened:

  1. I had gotten as high as I knew that company would let me, and I was bored and unchallenged.
  2. "Signs". Hah. First with the receptionist at the gym I went to, on leaving her job there: "These jobs are only meant to get you through school. The only people that take it serious and go for the long run are those that don't know what they want to do with their life!" And then an older customer at the store I managed: "I used to work at a place like this." ... me: "What changed?" ... him: "I went back to school and got a real job."

If that wasn't enough to kick my butt in to gear and get in to something better...I'd probably still be back there hating my job!

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