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re: With respect, not sure where you got "overhead and bloat" but I'm happy to chat about it. .NET and MVC are VERY lightweight. Like 5-10x less going...

Appreciate the guidance, Scott. Trying to make sense of .NET vs. Core vs. MVC vs. Razor has been a bit daunting. Perhaps overhead and bloat weren't the right words to use. I didn't mean it in terms of server load so much as the amount of code I'd have to write as a developer. The couple of examples I've seen for MVC and Razor involved a lot more code than I'd write to do something similar in .NET 4. But like I said, I only took a brief look recently so I'm still gathering information and learning. I'm glad to hear MVC/Razor is very lightweight and I will definitely check out your course.

Cool. Do reach out if I can help explain and support.

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