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I love to see Innovation and wheel reinvention (not saying it in a bad way). People often like to say why to create something that has already been created, but that's precisely how we arrived to the loved angular/react/vue mainstream combo today, the three reinvented someone else's wheel and I'm pretty sure people often said that when these things were very new.

I think new concepts, langs like these are the reflection of how our actual wheels are going, and this seems a fine and precise work on how to correct some issues that people are still facing today.


I would just ask if there's the intention of using mint to compile web component projects (something like what polymer tries to do), I think this is a good place where Mint can target and be succesfull taking in mind that components are already the building blocks of the language.


Thank you for that comment!

It could certainly be compiled to web components, it's technically possible, but I don't think it's the right way to go:

  • the spec is not very well supported: caniuse.com/#search=web%20components it can be polyfilled but that's not ideal.

  • if components would be reused outside of the language then we would lose type safety or we would need to implement runtime type checking on the boundaries.

  • there is no spec as far as I am aware for virtual DOM to be implemented in a browser, dropping this requirement would mean that either the implementation still have to be in the application or we would lose performance rendering with innerHTML.

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