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Perhaps it’s worth to mention graphql ;)

These technologies are great to learn (must). However, by the time you master them, it’s highly possible that they become less trending ~


Some, yes. GQL, though... It has significant future. It doesn't have k8s' market share, but that's just because of the sheer LOCs that are in rest. It's not a simple move.

It has a ton of stable momentum, though - not a quality you see in "this hip, new thing"


Absolutely agree GraphQL is the transport layer between so many different other technologies.

It’s used in a number of different stacks. Mostly because it’s an efficiency optimization over what came before it in REST. In fact, I’d go out on a limb that of all the different frameworks and technologies out now, the ones that are performance optimizations are the ones that are going to last.

It's a pretty solid limb, though. The web that was there when REST and who-knows what else came about is a very different web than we have now. Tech has gotten very big since then, and a lot of attention has moved to bandwidth and perf - if for no other reason than to trim the fat to make room for bigger tech :)

GQL trims the fat. Graph Databases do. Rust and Golang do on the CPU/RAM side. These have futures.

Our users are on 3g. Our servers are cloud. We're paying real money for networked resources these days.

Ha, I almost said trunk ;) Completely agree though. I’m currently on a project that using a JSON response hit the max response size limit regularly (this was a while ago). We have to transport a lot of data in a live environment, so we ended up dropping the JSON aspect and went to a direct binary connection from the client to a Graph database. I suspect we could have survived with a GraphQL implementation. “trimming the fat” is a great way to put it. And it’s one of my passions on every project I work on. “Can this be smaller/tighter/faster?”


The idea of avoiding the popular thing just because it might lose popularity - is dangerous. You could really end up missing out. Things that are dwindling in popularity today can still remain in-demand in the job market for a while. And if not, you can always learn the next thing.


Right. I'm being self-critical that front-end technology is moving fast and keeps us chasing :)

I'm on the same page, no need to avoid stuff because it may trend down.

It's just, 'Web Development Projects that can definitely get you a job' may not be true after you master them~


Ya , I always say you have to stay in market. Don't just learn the technology, learn the concepts behind it. Learn Why it's so popular and then you can easily jump to the next thing


I'd reccomend learning gql purely because it's an absolute joy to work with imo.


Yep, Thanks I forgot about mentioning it, It's really important right now to learn it, it also being used be some major Static Site Generators.

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