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Discussion on: The Most Important Non-Programming Skills for Programmers

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The thing missing from your list is meritocracy. I'm a firm believer in technical merits. A team of developers who have all the empathy, confidence et cetera, but none of the technical profession, will happily embrace and welcome any friendly people - with no progress in their actual project.

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Anthony Bouvier

In my eyes the people with merit are those that have both technical skills and non-technical skills. In fact, technical skills are more easily taught. There's no mystery to them. That's why the definition of what makes a good developer is changing -- because you can have the most awesome technical skills and be awesome at the skills listed in the article. That is true merit.

And how is "technical merits" missing from the list of "most important non-programming skills"? This article is literally written to cover the non-technical aspects of being a successful developer. ;)