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re: I don't think that creative freedom inherently means doing something unique, so much as having the ability to create something in the way that you ...

I suspect that many Internet users don't consider that site.com means commercial use and site.net is for networking.

The logic of "they don't know better, so we'll cater their misinformed needs" violates my standards.

"they don't know better, so we'll cater their misinformed needs"

While I think it's great that you have standards about this, this is very much not the point I was trying to make here. Namely, in the text you quoted you'll notice I used the wording "consider" not "understand".

For example, when I go to dev.to, I'm not thinking about what the TLD means and if it's the correct classification for the site, I'm thinking about the content and community that I want to experience once I'm on the site.

I don't intend to continue this conversation since it seems clear to me that you're barely taking the time to read my responses before responding, but thanks for taking the time to encourage me to sit back and really think about what creative freedom means to me. I found it to be quite an enjoyable thought exercise :)

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