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re: But other people might need it :D Nope. Do the math yourself. Buying new phone when the old one gets throttled (let me guess: the latter is NOT a...

Even if a phone gets once broken (...) it’s still cheaper to buy the new one

I wish I had your income.

Premium phones are north of 700€ right now, repairs don't usually cost as much. Also most people buy them with subscriptions so they aren't actually shelling the whole phone price up front.

Probably your math holds up with cheaper phones but still, regular people are not going to flash their own phones anytime soon so I feel this argument is a little pointless :-)

I wish I had your income.

If you were reading what I say, before throwing your arguments out, you might have noticed: I entered the thread with mentioning no-names.

Somewhat like this (I clicked the first item in DuckDuckGo search results.

Mine is slightly more expensive, for dual camera, 128G and 8 cores, but it’s still under $300.

Yes, I can afford this once when the phone gets broken by a warranty case (once per our life, actually, in average.)

This is the first link I found at DuckDuckGo that sells phones. BTW, I bought last four of my phones there.

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