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Ugh, I hate these because I know I'm going to miss some of the many amazing people I've met in the past year between here and Twitter.

I can't give enough thanks to @aspittel for writing this article and introducing me to Vue. I liked frontend before, but Vue made me absolutely fall in love with it.

As informative as all of @laurieontech 's articles are, this one in particular sticks with me because I remember reading it and thinking "Huh, neat. I wonder if I'll ever need this" and then using it less than a week later to fix a bug I found in my project 😅.

Then there's @lkopacz who not only introduced me to a11y, but also taught me a lot about self-care which helped me realize I was staring to head toward burning out far enough in advance that I could avoid it late last year (seriously can't thank you enough for this).

Y'all have been a consistent inspiration for me ❤


Thank you Tyler! That's so kind. I've loved watching all your contributions and chatting with you on the web :) You're a wonderful human.


😊 It's been so much fun getting into the community(s) (even if somewhat overwhelming at the same time)!

You're also an exceptional human, doing exceptional things! :D

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