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Tomaž Vinko

Hello everyone,

my name is Tomaž and I'm new here. I'm already excited to be part of this wonderful community, full of programming enthusiasts. I'm CTO in startup called Zenodys and I love programming - from tiny IoT devices to full blown dekstop and web applications.
I'm using many tools: C/C++, C#, javascript, HTML, Python, NodeJs among others. I think that every tool is unique and has it's weakness and strengths.
So I just decide which tool I'm going to use when I see project requirements.
I also believe that open-source software accelerates innovation. That's why I contribute to the community with making my code public as much as possible.
My main interest currently is machine learning. I'm working on visual wrapper around ML.NET object model.
Here is the link to the installation instructions with real life example. Code is entirely open sourced and it would be very helpful for me to make some features roadmap if you check it and give some feedback.