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Best Multi-vendor solutions to build marketplace in 2021

The main goal of all online sellers is to have a perfect and reliable multi-vendor website as it can generate high profits and is easy to manage. People feel comfortable buying the products they have from any online store.
About 65% of the population surfs the Internet and spends most of their time visiting leading e-commerce sites. This proves that there is a great need for a multi-vendor marketing platform for any online business.

What is an Online Multi-vendor Marketplace solution?

Readymade marketplace software is prepared to use software that provides you a moment solution. The readymade marketplace platform are often deployed quickly since it's all the specified features as built-in features. It's pretty inexpensive and really user-friendly that even a new user can run and manage it.
Why Readymade Marketplace Platform is taking advantage of building from scratch, there are many reliable reasons why people like better to buy readymade marketplace platforms for his or her business use.


One can quickly deploy the readymade marketplace on the cloud or on any reliable premises server to form the multi-vendor platform scalable. So entrepreneurs who have the plan of extending their business can consider readymade marketplace software wholeheartedly.


Although the software is already developed, it are often easily customized to suit business needs. So none of the functionalities is impossible with readymade marketplace software.

Built-in features:

This software will have all the required features like shopping carts, payment integration, product filters, marketing tools, etc. this may be useful for any startups who do not have enough knowledge about the E-commerce platform.
Let us analyze in deep about the top 5 Multi-vendor Marketplace software.

Best 5 Multi-vendor Marketplace platform to look for 2021

Webnexs - Powerful and ready-to-use platform for multiple vendors in the market

Webnexs is a unique multi-vendor platform that comes with one-time payments and self-hosted software for marketplaces. The software on the market accepts all buyer and seller oriented functionality and offers high-end flexibility and great scalability.
Webnexs - Powerful and ready-to-use platform for multiple vendors in the market

Platform highlights

The exclusive mobile application of this software on the market will help you attract more mobile users to your marketplace platform and get more amazing conversions fast. They build this expansion in market with exclusive UI and nice UI and UI.
Webnexs multi-vendor extension offers unique features as mentioned below:

  • Webnexs is a highly scalable and highly secure marketing platform that offers high-end marketing solutions.
  • With Webnexs's multi-vendor platform, you can easily manage orders, update order tracking numbers, update inventory levels, and more.
  • Customers can save their products in their shopping cart and check them later when convenient for them.
  • With business marketing in mind, this software is designed to be optimized for SEO

Customization: 100% customization

Discover Webnexs's multi-vendor e-commerce platform

Arcadier - The perfect solution for many providers in the market

Arcadier is an open multi-vendor platform which can generate high profits and every user can manage the software effectively. Arcadier is the perfect choice for users operating all over the world.
Arcadier - The perfect solution for many providers in the market

Platform highlights

  • Offer your audience fantastic purchases that are completely error-free with this integrated multi-vendor software.
  • This multi-vendor platform is very flexible and highly scalable.
  • With its extraordinary nature, Arcadier has played an important role in the multi-vendor business:
  • The perfect portal for providers with real-time processing.
  • They are primarily aimed at service companies and SMEs.
  • It has a function to import/export content. And it is enabled with backend options, so admins have full control over sales and all other factors.
  • This multi-vendor platform has shopping cart, fee/commission management, online shop builder, category management - all in one place.

Check out the Arcadier Marketplace software

Genstore - Reliable multi-vendor platform

A fully personalized online shop that caters to all current scenarios in the online market. Genstore quickly introduces multi-vendor online marketing software and helps you manage your online store effectively.
Genstore - Reliable multi-vendor platform

Platform highlights

Understand the market and gain recognition from multiple vendors with this leading online software. Reach your audience with pride because you have an excellent and reliable marketing platform.
Genstore has become one of the best platforms for many providers due to its additional features:

  • Genstore has a unique sales board
  • It also has a powerful administration panel.
  • Freelancers, startups, SMEs and enterprises can benefit from this online software.
  • It is fully compatible with all devices.
  • Genstore has a forum where you can report your questions and doubts.

Customization: yes, available.

Discover Genstore's multi-vendor e-commerce platform

Vivogigs - software for a secure online marketplace

Vivogigs is special software for multiple vendors and users can keep the software updated as the market changes. You can attract your customers by offering them a multi-vendor marketplace solution.
Vivogigs - software for a secure online marketplace

Platform highlights

Do what's best for your customers with this popular online multi-vendor platform and retain your customers with the full features of this market expansion. Maximize your ROI with the integrated marketing tools available in this multi-vendor solution.
Vivogigs offers many features and proves to be an excellent platform for many providers:

  • The perfect software for online artist shopping.
  • Dedicated platform with integration of all social media
  • Data caching improves the performance of your online web store.
  • Improved energy search and email notifications.
  • The best and user-enabled rating and ranking system is enabled with predefined payment modules and adapts payment decisions to the needs of the company.

Customization: Available

Take a look at the Vivogigs ecommerce software

IXXOCart - Well protected service for many providers in the market

IXXO Cart is the perfect marketplace for inter-company e-commerce. This multi-vendor online platform increases business flexibility through reliable automated processes.
IXXOCart - Well protected service for many providers in the market

Platform highlights

  • IXXOCART, a well-formulated online multi-vendor solution, is designed for any business model and can attract a real audience to your platform. Keep calm and let your marketing software work on your behalf and earn you profits.
  • IXXO Cart offers its users many functions with its marketing software
  • IXXOCart is a standalone application that offers all the necessary functions that an e-commerce platform should have.
  • Easily create and manage your ecommerce product catalog.
  • It offers sellers and service providers an ideal environment for selling products online.
  • Its strong network always ensures that the multi-vendor platform is always online.

Customization: Available

Take a look at the IXXOcart multi-vendor eCommerce platform


So the best multi-vendor marketplace software or extension must come with all features and be scalable and easy to use for you and your merchants.
We recommend looking at any Multi-Vendor marketplace platform that suits your business requirement with better functionality code and unlimited scaling possibilities.

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