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Build Your Online Marketplace Modeled eCommerce Store

Some famous brands like Amazon, eBay & Flipkart have created a billion-dollar business market, so no there is no doubt that we’re sometimes – These Brands today have created a valuation in millions, and no doubt that we are sometimes wondered by their success of these brands worldwide.

The idea of the online marketplace was simple, it operates the whole shopping process without handling logistics and stocks. Yeah, it is indeed a simple idea but if you want to create a new online marketplace ecommerce model of such a business for yourself. It will need one more step:

Online marketplace website development

Find an agency that can handhold you in the entire process and can make happen your dream of “Your Own Online Marketplace”.

Until now most of the strategy was the imported ones, meaning the agencies that build these successful Brands were non-Indian companies. So, worldwide clients could not leverage the quality and the cost-effectiveness of an Indian company by availing such solutions at almost half the rate.

This is where Webnexs is going to change the entire scenario by bringing a complete paradigm shift in creating Online Marketplace based eCommerce.

Webnexs is a Magento 2 based Online Marketplace, aimed at suiting and harmonizing all brands and entrepreneurs who are looking for a packaged solution that can give a boost to their online growth.

The Package and Solutions have been created by the best industry veterans; it has phenomenal and intriguing features which give the flexibility and adaptability to make sure that it caters to both your customer’s requirement and business integralities.

Unique Features of Webnexs’s Online Marketplace Solution

  1. They have been created after scrutinizing the success and fault points of the biggest Online marketplace presence like Amazon and eBay, thus ensuring all the basic nuances that are expected from an Online Marketplace

  2. A comprehensive vendor panel which enables the vendors to manage their products.

  3. Now vendors can manage orders through the vendor panel in the most seamless way as possible.

  4. An innumerous array of customization options to enable the flexibility to create a perfect Online marketplace.

  5. It avails you to go with a default theme, or you can create a customized front-end.

  6. Also, a curated theme for your specific product line
    You can even also have an enterprises version with the potential of Magento 2 and also Magento 2 platform.

So, if you are brewing an idea for your own eCommerce venture with a need for an Online Marketplace, contact us now.

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