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Sharetribe Vs. Webnexs: Online marketplace comparison

Hey you, yeah you, looking for the right marketplace platform or solution comparison to build and scale an online marketplace. I'm going to be reviewing Sharetribe and Webnexs now.

What are Sharetribe and Webnexs? Sharetribe is an eCommerce solution come platform where you can create marketplaces really fast, and Webnexs also allows you to create online marketplaces with multi-vendors. Over 300+ online marketplaces have been using this since 2015.

What would be the case for using one or the other before we even go into the features? I would like to point out price is a compassionate thing. Significantly depending on where you are in your eCommerce business, are you just getting started with an online marketplace.

Sharetribe and Webnexs: Two great online marketplace platform

Is this a business idea or an established brand, and now you need to scale and have a reliable system? Why do I bring that up if we look at Sharetribe? At Webnexs, you're going to start at fit just at $99, which is no way closer to the $1500 deal of Sharetribe all in; it's a lifetime deal.

So you're going to pay this once, and then you can have an option of having it own for a lifetime, things like that, in Sharetribe you need continual upgrades that cost range from $1400 to $7500. it depends on where you are in your business a lot of times.

Well, again, a lot of times, people are asking how do they get started fast. Often, people don't have 1500 to invest in something they're just trying out on as an idea depends on what you're going for. In fact, you can use even cheaper ways if you're trying to validate what platform you need to use as a marketplace.

But strictly, we're looking at Sharetribe and Webnexs; excuse me, why did I keep saying that Webnexs, so again I'm going to go with a just price? First of all, if you're just trying this out, you are strapped for cash Webnexs, for the most part, is going to be out of the picture unless you have an investment or someone's going to be, you know, investing or something similar to it.

The next part I would go to is the features of what you're looking at for the hobby level. It's a hundred users, you see unlimited traffic listings images that are for $99.

We can have the removal of Sharetribe branding and customize the footer at $119. Sharetribe uses a unique feature called flex, which allows you to make a customized onboarding experience marketplace experience. But again, that's going to be around; it will start at 299 per month.

Let's look at Webnexs and look at the features. There are many features; I'm not going to go through all of them right now. If you go to the official website, you can see and get the complete list of what you own if you buy the solution.

By a couple of things, I want to point out that you can configure vendor plans separate vendor panel built-in import-export bulk product editing, many integrated payment methods, durable shipping methods a lot is going on there.

And perfect things this is a platform if I'm trying to scale, and I already have an audience has a lot of things, what's the difference. If we're going to go up promotions for vendors design editor for vendors, separate checkouts advanced vendor restrictions from admin side that's at $99 again.

Ready to build an online marketplace?

What are you making right now? What are the needs for your multi-vendor marketplace? Those are the things I would really look at before going forward with that. If you have any questions, you want to see more details about where you are in your business what you're trying to do as an online marketplace.

Let me know. I'm going to do more reviews of different platforms that offer multi-vendor marketplaces; there are a ton. But what I really focus on even before you pick an eCommerce platform, what's the bottom line. How much money are you making for your online marketplace right now? Is it an idea, or are you scaling your eCommerce business?

If you're looking to have view details that I forgot to mention here, let me know in the comment section down to discuss further thereon.

Sharetribe and Webnexs

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