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Top 10 Features Of Best Marketplace Mobile App

One of the most variances between the online store and therefore the marketplace app is that of the ability of its individual sellers to list their services or products. Consumers typically wish to save money and time by getting products from the marketplace apps, either it may be from the web app or mobile app. You, because the owner of the marketplace app, can have variant undefeated ways to come up with smart revenue.

Apart from that, you'll be able to build a marketplace website and application and make tons of money from the vendor commissions and advertisements. You'll be able to conjointly charge a share for every deal that gets done. Since online marketplaces are the foremost profitable style of online retail business, why not grab the opportunity?

And hence, once you are planning to build a multi-marketplace mobile app like Amazon, there are some factors that are crucial to be taken care of. Let’s get to grasp these must-have Magento 2 multi-vendor marketplace app features for any on-demand marketplace app development in detail:

10 Features: Best-in-class Marketplace Mobile App

All the on-demand multi-vendor marketplace app development involves numerous user roles, and therefore you ought to additionally take this under consideration whereas making a marketplace app. The user roles square measure customer, Administrator, and merchant.

You may either merge the customer and marketer roles into one application, or also can produce two separate marketplace mobile apps. For the administrator, you may like a separate internet application wherever the desktop is additionally desirable.

Sign Up

It is a must-have feature for sellers, as you can't provide your product or services anonymously. You may be asked for the name and email, and also the users can later handle everything else on their own.


The dashboard may be a home screen for the sellers whereby they will review all the most knowledge just like the new orders, new reviews, uninformed conversations with the purchasers, and more. The most aim isn't solely to supply helpful knowledge, however conjointly to let the vendor open a certain section.


The order section is split into open orders and completed orders. The precise look can rely greatly on the sort of your marketplace application. Through the military formation screen, sellers can get to envision details on their in-progress orders just like the price, comment from the customer, product the user has ordered, and more.


No matter whether you own an online marketplace app for products or services, this chat feature could be a should. Make sure the users won’t be able to create arrangements and complete the orders from the skin of your application.

Product Screen

This will depend upon the kind of your multi-marketplace website. This has got to embody bright HD photos, comprehensive info regarding the product, value as well as the taxes, material, size, etc.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a robust tool to retarget your customers and conjointly to communicate with them. Through this, you'll inform concerning the sales, special offers concerning the product they need been recently searching for, reach intent on the users whereas the standing of their order or request is progressive to develop their quality.


You can let individuals sign on with social media profiles or emails. The onboarding logic depends on the structure of the mobile app. If you have a single app with two totally different user roles, invariably enable individuals to settle on to make a purchaser or a marketer profile.

The other choice is combining these two roles in an exceedingly single profile, so the user might get and sell stuff from a constant account. You'll additionally produce separate apps, however which will be uncommon whereas you develop a marketplace like Amazon.

Categories / Filtering

When it involves marketplace app development, classes place life into AN app wherever users will rummage around for their specific desires. This has got to be enclosed to create additional convenience for the users. Ensure to create the classes logical because it can depend upon what your marketplace is all concerning.

Shopping Cart

This feature is necessary for any marketplace mobile application or website. Continuously enable the users to feature products from varied sellers into their go-cart and show the total from the value of the product added by users. Don't miss as well as discounts, coupons, and alternative loyalty program attributes if accessible.

Track of Delivery

Deliveries are going to be the responsibility of the sellers if you have got a marketplace. Make sure the sellers send products through a sure service. Each the patrons and also the sellers ought to see the parcel delivery standing in their application. Once the client confirms the order, guarantee to ask them to go away to a review.

In order to build online marketplace mobile apps, a startup can like tons of resources to know and information too. Nothing is possible if you have got a concept to create a novel mobile eCommerce app that raises a good demand among the purchasers.

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