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Top 3 Cedcommerce alternatives for multi-vendor marketplace website development

Finding a Cedcommerce alternatives for multi-vendor website development are easy these days, the following article would greatly help you to get most for your eCommerce business, keep reading!!!

Once, that is back in days, every entrepreneur found it is difficult to start an eCommerce store itself, but now the business scenes are a lot more different when comparing to those days as mentioned.

Today, many technologies have landed into the eCommerce sector for their betterment and serviceability to their users. Technology is the technology we can accept, but it should be useful and reliable if implemented in building an eCommerce website or marketplace platforms like Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress.

One such eCommerce platform is Magento, which has deliberate access to many useful business tools, features, and functionalities that rightly work out of the box. Magento platform has stunning benefits when it comes to building an online marketplace.

To develop such a marketplace website, Magento has pulled out an extension called “Magento Marketplace” to streamline the multi-vendor marketplace platform development with other features such as:

  • Integrated checkout features
  • Mobile-optimized themes
  • Streamlined catalog management tools
  • Site search functionality, and
  • Built-in capabilities

All these features are to fit with businesses of all sizes, such as small, medium and large enterprises to boost their online presence and sales. If you’re about to take advantage of such marketplace extension, you might find thousands of Magento marketplace extension that may confuse you, don’t worry, I would list some of the best-in-class marketplace extension provider in market who have been serving the eCommerce industry for several years successfully.

Cedcommerce is the leader in developing multi-vendor marketplace extension, but there are other options, too, to pick for your business. The one reason behind listing Cedcommerce alternatives is, beside being top service provider, their extensions are too costly way more than it has to be. Due to its market capacity and brand value, they’ve raised cost of every bit. Hence, here is the list of Cedcommerce alternatives for multi-vendor marketplace development, which is more reliable and cost-effective than Cedcommerce.

Top 3 Cedcommerce alternatives for multi-vendor marketplace extension

1. Webnexs marketplace extension

Webnexs’s multi-vendor marketplace extension is a specially designed extension that transforms any eCommerce website or store into a super powerful multi-vendor marketplace like Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress with multi-seller and multi-user support. Webnexs’s marketplace solution take your Magento 2 store to the next level by onboarding vendors with no limits and let them add, manage and sell their niche products with great shopping experience to the buyers.
Webnexs marketplace extension


  • Offers great Marketplace interface
  • Seamless shopping experience
  • Multiple payment gateway support
  • Compatible with all Magento 2 themes
  • Advanced report generation
  • Flexible commission setup
  • Well-organized marketplace seller page
  • Separate seller accounts
  • Advanced feedbacks and review system
  • SEO friendliness

2. Vnecoms marketplace extension

Vnecoms marketplace extension converts a Magento store of any version into an extensive Magento multi-vendor marketplace website that works similar to Amazon or Etsy. Here, the owner of the store will have total control over the marketplace platform where the sellers can upload, manage and maintain whole store process using a Vendor Cpanel. Vendor who registered with the platform will have a fully-customized storefront within the Magento marketplace platform. Also, it allows customers to give rating and review for vendors on every purchase for better shopping experience and reputation.
Vnecoms marketplace extension


  • Attractive landing page for sellers
  • Better user and shopping experience
  • Easy vendor management
  • Bulk product upload
  • Seamless product and order management
  • Instant notification system
  • Support PWA, REST API, GraphQL

3. Apptha multi-vendor marketplace module

Apptha marketplace module is a simple yet a powerful marketplace suite for developing an eCommerce marketplace that sell like an established marketplace. It turns any existing eCommerce store into a thriving online marketplace like Amazon, Rakuten where vendors can register, add, upload and sell their products and services with robust admin and vendor panel. Apptha marketplace solution helps the store owner to be on the top with ongoing competition.
Apptha multi-vendor marketplace module


  • Amazing storefront
  • Robust admin control panel
  • Additional marketing and promotional features
  • Seamless order management
  • Multi-channel capability
  • Advanced enhancements
  • Highly flexible and customizable layouts

Wrapping up

Hey you, I hope you’d find the above-mentioned Magento marketplace extension helpful for you in finding the best-fit marketplace extension for your eCommerce business development.

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