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Top 4 Brands Using Magento for their eCommerce marketplace business

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It isn't some time in the past when online shopping as a progressive novel thought struck the online clients as an at no other time occasion to shop items and administrations without swelling feet. Before long, just inside a range of not many years online stores cleared the undertakings, everything being equal, and specialties.

We have seen the mind-boggling development and quick multiplication of the idea in the years to follow. Presently, there are almost 24 million online-based business stores everywhere on the world. Shockingly, just 650,000 stores really make out a marketing projection that surpasses $1000 every year.

With more individuals hitting the online for all they require and more organizations across specialties are going to an online-based business, there is no deficiency of chance for online stores in the future time. Online stores starting at 2016 represented almost 11% of absolute retail deals and the figure is persistently developing.

When taking a gander at the different online business stores under the scanner, we can see that a dominant part of best and world-renowned brands really use the Magento CMS stage. Any driving eCommerce improvement organization incline toward Magento as it has tremendously added to the accomplishment of the world's top online-based business brands. We should feature here certain models.

Best-selling brands using Magento platform for Multi-Vendor eCommerce business


Amazon began in 1994 by Jeff Bezos as an online marketplace for books. From that point forward Amazon kept on developing and grasp all specialties if items and as of now remains as the world's most noteworthy procuring online business organization. In 2017 alone Amazon created a business volume adding up to $177.9 billion.

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Presently going to the uniqueness of Amazon Store, you can have a shopping experience that stands separated from some other store as far as straightforwardness, simplicity of discovering items, customized proposals, checkout and installment handling and deals advancements.

Amazon utilizes Magento premium version CMS stage for its online store with a limitless extension if esteem increments while keeping up a steady and client-centered shopping experience. At the point when you enlist Magento designer, consistently target making such strong and customisable client experience as Amazon.


Alibaba is one of the greatest online business stores that was established in China route in 1999. Right up 'til today Alibaba remains as the world's driving discount marketplace with a merchant and client following that comes next to none.
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Alibaba additionally offers its own famous online installment arrangement considered Alipay that works simply like the Paypal. Alibaba marketplace is made with Magento CMS and has been redone according to its necessities.


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eBay is one of the main online business marketplaces with a novel situating to oblige a business opportunity for both B2C and C2C exchanges over all specialties and classes of items. It is one of the most exceptional stores with a champion offering highlight to help dealers making deals to the most elevated bidders. eBay likewise utilizes Magento CMS as the stage for its online store.


Flipkart is initially a Singapore-based online retail adventure that working from the city of Bengaluru in South India experienced marvelous accomplishment in the thriving on online retail market of India and South East Asia. It began with an unassuming start as the nearby banner conveyor of Amazon and before long began their own online-based business store in 2007.

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Flipkart much like Amazon made online based shopping a joy on account of their extraordinary look, feel, and list of capabilities. No big surprise, similar to Amazon Flipkart additionally depends on Magento CMS answer for their online business store.

Final Words

A greater part of the world's generally searched after online business stores across specialties favor Magento as the CMS stage for their organizations. This clarifies the intensity of Magento in growing profoundly brand-explicit, interesting and client-centered online business stores.

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