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Top 5 Magento Marketplace Extensions To Build Your Business

Today, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Alibaba are the foremost popular global e-commerce marketplaces. These websites have a huge inventory because many suppliers, vendors, and sellers from across the planet do business on these websites (that’s why they're referred to as the multi-vendor marketplaces).

I am scripting this article to share with you guys a fast recipe to urge your own Magento 2 marketplace. It isn’t that difficult to try to that, but you've got to be smart enough while choosing the Magento marketplace extensions.

Yes, extensions hold the key! And, that’s my main focus of today’s quick recipe to possess your own marketplace because I will be able to brief you about the simplest Magento 2 marketplace extensions.



Webnexs’s Marketplace Extensions will convert your Magento store into a multi-vendor marketplace with separate seller product collection, order & shipping management, feedback, support, ratings, and commissions.

Marketplace extension integrations will surely help any Magento eCommerce site to the proportion in their niche. Many Magento store owners out there checking out extensions that pull them out from the hiccups that are faced thus far.

To eradicate such downfalls, we at Webnexs has developed some really helpful Magento Marketplace extensions. Whatever, either it's going to be a product or a service, they always consider our customers’ and users’ prevailing issues and requirements as ours. So these extensions are been developed just to maneuver on the subsequent level offerings.

Webnexs, assure you that you simply would even surprise our extensions and its stunning features. Let’s open it over here.

  • Fast and intuitive interface to affect users(Easy to use)
  • Auto/Manual seller approval to ease the seller registration process
  • Auto/Manual product approval to seek out and detect fake customers accounts
  • Versatile seller profile management to watch their profile from anywhere at anytime
  • Separate Vendor dashboard with New Look and style
  • Assign products to vendors
  • Supports multiple payment and shipping gateways
  • Multiple seller products checkout
  • Multi-language support
  • SEO and Social media friendly for better search performance
  • Global/Separate seller commission to line the worldwide rate for all registered sellers
  • Better product management to manage new/existing product’s information
  • Support for technical assistance
  • Free assistance


If you're trying to find a multi-vendor marketplace extension with several features, Apptha is that the first one I’ll recommend. It allows admins to feature named URLs for his or her sites, additionally allowing sellers to download videos through YouTube as demos and promotional content.
This extension also supports Ajax loading, filters for straightforward navigation, and therefore the number of stocks without the necessity to see inventory.
Some foremost notable features included during this Magento marketplace extension are as under;

  • Individual seller dashboard for better product management
  • Vendor-specific URL
  • Separate product and seller portfolio
  • Custom product attributes
  • YouTube video integration
  • Ajax loading speeds for the higher online experience
  • Responsive theme compatibility
  • Free installation
  • Extensive back-end controls for Admin


Being one among the simplest Magento marketplace extensions available, the marketplace Magento extension by Vnecoms is what you'll get to make your Magento powered e-commerce store like Amazon.
With this extension, the sellers have many control options for the Cpanel which helps them manage their product offerings in a far better way. They will generate receipts, manage sales, and shipments to form buying easier for his or her customers.
With this Magento marketplace extension, customers also can leave reviews and rate the sellers after the location of the order, guaranteeing a way better and safer online shopping experience.
Some notable features are as under;

  • Various extension modes to assist customize the ordering experience
  • Extensive payment management options
  • Number of supported product types
  • Different vendor groups
  • Transaction management for vendors
  • Complete seller dashboard for better store management
  • Multiple extension support within one extension
  • Superior extension support
  • Money-back guarantee if unsatisfied with the extension


Get the boost you would like with an in-depth Magento marketplace extension for your Magento store. With this extension, you'll turn your ordinary e-commerce store in a web marketplace like Amazon.
It offers a four-step, easy-to-follow procedure to assist get your e-commerce store found out for the increased demand and inflow of business. A number of the foremost notable features of this extension are as follows:

  • An advanced commission configuration
  • Auto split commission with PayPal payments
  • Optimized speed and processing capabilities
  • Secured communication between sellers and customers
  • Multi-language support to cater to a worldwide audience
  • Supports payment methods in Magento 2 also
  • Round the clock support for technical assistance
  • Always up so far with the newest fixes and enhancements
  • Free installation


Put your Magento store forward with this extensive Magento 2 marketplace extension by allowing vendors and sellers to seamlessly merge with their products.
This is one of the varied Magento 2 Marketplace extensions that allow conversion of your e-commerce store into your very own marketplace like Amazon. Here sellers have full control over their products including all the elements of the online shopping experience.

Some foremost notable features of this Magento marketplace extension are as under;

  • Neat user panel and customization options
  • Quick and responsive
  • Optimized for a far better mobile experience
  • Magento 2 theme compatibility
  • Multiple gateways
  • Multilingual support for global reach
  • Unlimited product management possibilities
  • Shipment tracking
  • Automated seller and buyer approval

I hope the above-mentioned Magento marketplace extensions are helpful to the core for your business choices. Want to start your Magento Marketplace journey smooth? Click here

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