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Discussion on: Just got my first job offer, going to take it. What are some tips for being the best junior developer I can be?

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Chad Smith

First off, congrats. Getting your feet in the door is the first and big step of this incredible journey.

Chances are your first week or so might be a little "overwhelming". Don't worry about that, it's normal. For the first week you might even forget your normal patterns you tend to use. I remember fighting through that, then after a week of doing it, it one day just clicked. This is just programming. It's just the same thing you've always been doing to work up to this point.

Next is, ask questions. Do not be afraid of your senior thinking less of you. They were in the same spot as you were. Maybe even in the same company. As a lead I really like it when I am asked questions. Heck even "challenge" me sometimes and ask WHY that way. The why portion is the big part of the question and shows me that you want to learn actually vs. just get it done and not caring.

Finally, just have fun and be relaxed. Be a great person. Probably the most important advice really. Nothing is worse about coming to work and not enjoying it.

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