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While not the hardest really, JavaScript really gets to me sometimes. ES6 has helped but also frustrated me more (I sort of feel like changing how this operates in arrow functions just made the language inconsistent).

Coming from a languages like C++ (my first language, don't use it at work, but it's my favorite), I don't understand why they had to make JavaScript seem so similar to other languages yet so different at the same time.

Like I understand how this works in JavaScript yet when I use it everyday still, I STILL run into issues with me not using it correctly because the meaning in my mind is not what I was taught when I first learned programming.

Like I absolutely hate that in JavaScript that I pretty much have to use this.propertyName to access a class member variable when I'm already inside a member function. It's so simple yet being trained in one language and using that as the backend, then moving to JS where you have to use it differently, gets to me.

But, when I was in school I had to learn Prolog and that really threw me for a loop. I also "learned" some MIPS assembly and of course that was the hardest (making a double linked list in assembly...never again).

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