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My story:
6-7 years ago I was having drinks with a new student who joined my uni and jokingly mentioned that it would be good to find a "summer job" and earn some extra cash.

He said:
"-Read a couple of articles on HTML & CSS over the weekend and I'll set an interview for a junior (markup) webdev at the company I'm currently working".

Fast forward 2 weeks, I did a couple of online-courses and read plenty of articles, resulting in me having enough basic skills to successfully implement the test designs and land on my first job.

Today I'm a Senior FED (React) at a fintech startup and still warmly look back at how one random conversation set my entire career path 🌟

Advice: Always invest into knowledge (c)

The paid subscription-based online courses are worth it.
The price <-> value return is absolutely insane.

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