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ChroPath is no more a xpath finder tool...It has evolved a lot now.

tyaga001 profile image Ankur Tyagi ・Updated on ・2 min read

Today I will talk about Chropath which is a FREE XPath Tool for Developers & Testers!!!
Recently I started a community for my QA friends & colleagues as Facebook Group(QA Talks @ WeTesterr) & We invited my friend Sanjay Kumar (Inventor & Creator of ChroPath) for our Tech Podcast series event.

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We discussed about all silent features of #Chropath & I was really surprised by myself after end of the session.
Chropath has evolved a lot since its inception days, from that point I decided to write this post many thanks to Sanjay Kumar for inventing such amazing tool.

And here we are, let's discuss about all silent features of this amazing tool, which is helping so many automation guys & making impact in community.

ChroPath is Developer tool which we can leverage to generate our unique xpath & all other selectors while we write UI automation scripts.

for e.g. id/class/cssSelectors in just a single click.

All excellent features of Chropath are listed below.

  • It supports SVG elements, iframe.
  • It can generate xpath based on our custom given attribute such as data-testId (which is mostly being used now a days to avoid failures in test automation).
  • Single click locators generation in a single shot
  • Verify and modify locators of page object file.
  • Chropath supports dynamic locators be it CSS/XPATH.
  • Automatic saving of all configuration in local
  • It can generate complete page automation scripts now.
  • It can generate plan English test cases scripts & saves lot of time for us.

I believe the last feature is just so powerful,which would be very handy during exploratory testing, for any project different testing phases such as Regression/Sanity/UAT etc.. now we have power to generate the test cases even for monkey/exploratory testing.

by this way feedback loop will be short among DEV & QA, you don't need to spend much time in reproducing the bug again with Dev, you can just pass this auto generate script to DEV.

you can download this amazing tool from below link

Download Chropath:

ChroPath is one of the best chrome extension which gives the unique xpath (absolute/relative) and CSS value.

Chropath extension is available for Firefox, Opera and Edge browsers as well

🎀 you can listen full Podcast on our youTube channel-

Happy Coding Happy Testing!!!

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sanjaykumaarr profile image

Thank you Ankur.
Important update: This is Sanjay Kumar, Creator of ChroPath.
I have stopped development and support on ChroPath. You will not get any update on ChroPath from me.
Please upgrade to my new XPath tool SelectorsHub which is very much advanced than ChroPath.
SelectorsHub is absolutely FREE community tool. It is a browser plugin available for all the browsers Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera. SelectorsHub download linkπŸ‘‡

Please share this info in your network, it will help many

tyaga001 profile image
Ankur Tyagi Author

Thanks, Sanjay. will update this blog post soon.