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How to Improve Your Resume For Your Next Job Search!

tyaga001 profile image Ankur Tyagi Originally published at Updated on ・3 min read

I am constantly asked for advice on how to improve resumes in DMs on Twitter.

Let's get started.

While there is no magic method for creating a great document, there are ground rules for how to improve your resume & increase your chances of being contacted by a recruiter or hiring manager.


My top tips 👇

There is a lot of conflicting advice out there on how to improve your resume, but almost everyone agrees with customizing for each specific role.

The hiring manager to whom you're sending your resume only cares about the business problem they are dealing with right now.

Customization of your resume accomplishes two key things.

  • It conveys your understanding of the role and the business's problems.

  • It emphasizes your strengths and how they relate to the job.

1- Optimize keywords.


Keywords are king

To improve your resume, make sure the appropriate terms are worked in throughout.

Create a word cloud out of a target job description.

The biggest words are the keywords; use them to maximize your chances of being found.

2- Proofread!


Your resume needs to be perfect. If it is rife with typos, spelling errors, or grammatical mistakes, it conveys the message that you cannot write, you lack attention to detail, you don't care, or all of the above.

Grammarly is your friend in this case. Leverage!

3- Achievements.


A resume with no achievements is a resume that fails. You need to sell yourself on your accomplishments, so be sure that you're focusing your narrative here

If you ask me how to improve your resume quickly, this is one area I will definitely tell you to address.

4- Know when enough is enough.


There is no reason for you to include every single job you've ever held.

A resume is a promotional document, so you want to include only relevant, relatable experience.

5- Know your audience.


You need to craft your resume, not for yourself, but for the audience, which is the recruiters you'll be contacting.

To improve your resume, make sure it focuses on the business problems your audience might have and illustrates how you are the solution.

6- Move the most relevant info to the top.


Your most relevant experience should always be near the top, even if it is not your most recent experience.

Along, with relevant certificates, software proficiency, and knowledge of multiple languages if any.

While it’s important to include responsibilities on your resume, the focus should be on accomplishments.

Showcase your best accomplishments throughout your resume; employers want to know what you did to ROCK the job & go beyond just the outline position description

Best of Luck For Your Job Search! Hope you like this 💙

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