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Discussion on: Reflecting on a year with Node.js and why I should have stuck with Laravel

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Tyler Smith Author

Thanks for the suggestion, CircleCurve!

I've used client-side GraphQL from a React app before. It was fine.

On the server, it sounds like it would add a lot of complexity outside of simple CRUD apps. REST API endpoints have a predictable code execution path and can be separated into distinct concerns. I don't know how that looks on the server for GraphQL, especially when performing validations, triggering side-effects, etc.

I know it's possible, and maybe it's easier than I'm thinking. It just feels like I'd be moving a lot of complexity from the front-end to the back-end, and since I'm already working on both, I don't see a big advantage.

If I were on a team of 20+ engineers with people only working on the front-end and only working on the back-end, GraphQL would be extremely appealing though.