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re: On a deep thinking, there is indeed another way. Stop using English for everything. (and stop being anglio-centric.) English is mostly widely-used...

Ok, if you want it, then do it. No harm.
But you have to see that all the projects are being written and given support in english because from the languages that are spoken by the majority, is the easiest of them (Spanish and Chinese are not as easy as english).
Yes, we could use Esperanto, but not everyone knows it.
Think as a developer: how many of your libraries/frameworks you'll have to replace and refactor if the Original Developer decides to write the whole resource in their native language... And also, how many will stop being available because of this?
But as I said in the beginnning: you may do it to your own code, but you'll have serious issues when trying to look for some support.
Or, as Jason Tibbetts stated: what solution do you propose? This is causing more troubles, rather than giving a solution.

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