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"Interact With The Community"

Definitely true. I admit I'm guilty of spreading what could be perceived as negativity from time to time (maybe even to you by accident), but it's because I forget that people read things in a different way than they listen to them. Tone can't be parsed from written words (or I'm not a skilled enough writer to add tone), and sometimes when someone might seem negative or disagreeable, it's a different opinion that would be amicably expressed in person but sounds blunt in the comment section.

We all get detached from what we write online to "strangers". It's just the nature of it, and if you go to were 99% of comments are, you usually find no response. Think about a YT channel that has several million followers and how many comments are there. That means that a good portion of people leaving comments get caught in an echo chamber where no one responds no matter than tone or wording.

Best of luck, and glad to see your rise and how well documented you're keeping it!


This is so true! Often the things I post are taken in ways I didn't intend - and that's very difficult!

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