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Dotenv - Dealing with Environment variables.

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This blog will make you more protective for your secrets. That you keep in form of password, API-KEYS, Redirect_URI, BASE_URL etc.

Before Starting with information let me walk you through the content of the blog.

Content Overview

  • Talking about Security
  • Protection Need?
  • What is Dotenv?
  • Let's Start protecting ourself
    • React Native Protection
    • Installing dependencies.
    • Setting .env file.
    • playing around .gitignore file.
    • Push all in.

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Talking about Security 🔐

security is the need of the hour. Two days earlier heard a news on Breaches and incidents around cyber security and got some stuff

Hackers attack ride hailing app SWVL, access user information

Egypt-based ride-hailing app SWVL was hacked in an attack that exposed the personal information of passengers including emails, names, and phone numbers.

Source: https://cyware.com/category/breaches-and-incidents-news

I am thinking you might read the news and now you are thinking that how may I safeGuard myself so don't worry I am here to help you.

Here will you get how you can push a gitHub repository without Showing of the API_KEY | REDIRECT_URL | any other sort of secrets...

Protection Need?

Repeatedly using the same passwords or using 'weak' passwords can leave you vulnerable to hackers. If a hacker cracks your passwords, they could gain access to your social media accounts, bank accounts, emails and other sensitive accounts that hold your confidential, personal data.

So there is a maximum need of protection.

What is Dotenv?

Dotenv allows one to safe their secrets like (database | password | api_keys etc.) from compromising it in the application on which these stuff are dependent upon.

Dotenv seperates these secrets from reflecting it inside the main code.

Hiding makes the outsider look only the name, that this place has any api key or some secrets.

For exampleprocess.env.API_KEY

Let's Start Protecting Our-self.

Node.js Protection

Installing Dependencies

// with npm
npm install dotenv
// with yarn
yarn add dotenv

Require the installed module to the index.js file or App.js file as per the naming convention of your file.


Setting .env file.

Make file in your root directory :

Command to make .env folder below : (If using Bash)

// change directory
cd FileName
// making the file
touch .env

Inside the .env file put your secrets. See below from example.


Inside the Node File you have to make some changes.

const db = require('db')
  host: process.env.DB_HOST,
  username: process.env.DB_USER,
  password: process.env.DB_PASS

Now A question must have arrived in your mind :

Q1. Well ! we have .env file and person could even see the password and other protective secrets out from there?

A1. Well wait I haven't completed yet. there is bit magic awits for playing its charm.

playing around .gitignore file.

Now when we are done with submitting Secrets. Now it's time to push all in. But one thing before pushing is to mention the .env to .gitignore file

As to avoid any breaches, as pushing the .env file will push all our secrets to the GitHub repository compromising our secrets.

//Inside .gitignore file mention

Push all in.

// use these command if you had already initialize Git Repository.
git add .
git commit -m "Add to Security"
git push origin master

If not Visit here to know How to initialize the git repository

So we are Good to go here.

🙏 Thanks for Reading the Blog. 🕶

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