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Miloslav Voloskov on March 29, 2019

Tl;dr: I've just launched The Code of Conduct Generator! When I was asked to write a code of conduct for the first time, I really thought it was... [Read Full]
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Ok I'll bite.

I'm curious why you've chosen to make some sections "mandatory" (such as Not being respectful to reasonable communication boundaries, such as 'leave me alone,' 'go away,' or 'I’m not discussing this with you.') but not others (such as The usage of sexualised language or imagery and unwelcome sexual attention or advances).

I'm also not sure if actions that are downright illegal (doxxing) should be in a CoC. I gather it's generally a party foul for ToS and similar legally binding documents.


Sexual content presence is heavily opinionated. There’s a large part of dev community that thinks it’s okay.


Good concept. It can be tough to write these and this is a great start. I'd make a few suggestions for improvement:

  • Make some of the recommended items default to being checked. For example, I think sexual behavior or imagery and graphics and disturbing content, inequality of any kind may be ones that you want to default to checking even if the person can choose to uncheck them (though I'm not sure I see the point of a CoC that doesn't do at least the minimum).
  • You might have options for an in-person conference/event/meetup, online conference/event, or web site. For example, in the case of a conference, there might be mention of offensive imagery or language on slides or by speakers and not just attendees.
  • Along those lines, I generally recommend that CoC's for in-person events include a phone to call or text so that people can report issues immediately and even potentially anonymously. Some in person may also have staff available for reporting. Also, for in person events especially, the contact information, in my opinion, should be early and immediately accessible rather than at the bottom.

Again, just suggestions, but I like the work so far.


Oh, some valuable stuff here! Thanks a lot! I’ll think about that.


Great start. This will be helpful for a lot of people!

There are several things that CoCs usually cover that this omits, however, especially in areas like "how to answer questions." You may take a look at these, and see if there is anything worth borrowing:


Code of Conduct is quite useless, you can't please everybody and usually, a CoC is a way to angry all and sundry.

For example, the Linux's CoC.

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