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re: Some claims are wrong, e.g.: python can be FASTER than alternatives because its most popular performance-sensitive libraries are written in C, wi...

I can see nothing wrong. Python calls are written in C, but only some of them. Still can't go faster than optimised raw C or Go. Node is still single-threaded. On raw read and write queries, NoSQL will outperform SQL all the way.

No, there IS a main server if we're talking anything except distributed systems. Master-slave replication? Master is here. Regular CDN? Edge servers are copying main server.

I don't miss DNS load balancing. Lion consists of Cheetah and Tiger, each of them are load balanced.

No Redis? Write it from scratch ad-hoc and specific for your data? Oh, and maybe add some Radix sort to the mix.

Doesn't cost that much? Have you seen Heroku or AWS tiers for the data that large and servers that performant? Bear in mind that you'll have to pay monthly.


I can see nothing wrong.

Alright, well then don't let me disrupt your flow. Go on doing whatever it is you want to do.

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