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re: Should I use Ruby on Rails over Express.js or Laravel for my web app?

RoR, Express, and Laravel are entirely different beasts. If you're doing it for fun, just go ahead and use whatever you think will give you the most of experience. If this will be a commercial product, bear this in mind:

  • I don't think Laravel is stateless by default. You'll probably need to spend some time scaling this up
  • PHP developers are often cheaper than RoR or JS backend folks
  • PHP hosting solutions are cheaper than both RoR and Node
  • On the other hand, you'll probably need multiple servers and databases as you'll grow, you can't do this at some cheap PHP hosting. You will need a VPS
  • NodeJS has by far the largest tool palette
  • Ruby has outstanding metaprogramming features that will allow you to make the implementation really short and thus much less flawed and much more maintainable

If this will be an MVP or a really small commercial product that you have to launch now, I'd suggest you go for Laravel. If NPM already has some specific tool that you require but neither RoR or PHP have it, go for Express. For the long run and superior scalability, go for RoR.


The app that I'm building will be a blogging platform. It's currently at a nascent stage, made with Express but I was thinking of porting my existing backend to RoR because of the very aspects of RoR that you mentioned.

Thanks for the answer, Miloslav. 🙌🏻

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