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re: Do you have an opinion on Dart or Flutter? How do you decide whether to put in the time to learn a new language? What aspects of a language are m...

Dart and Flutter? Well, Dart is in SPDY protocol and Firebase league – another Google's attempt to take over the world. It obviously should be polished and probably is perfect, but I don't really feel like investing in anything Google built.

Flutter? Well, if there's a need to build a multiplatform mobile app in two weeks, it's a decent way to go.

New language? I just read about the ideas that'd been implemented there and the reasons behind this language existing. If this fits the project I'm building and will allow me to cut the amount of code (and thus the number of bugs) radically, I go for it.

Aspects? Just what I said above: I need my tools to allow me to implement the damn thing as short as possible. This is all that matter to me.

I think it's the wrong way to think like "I want to choose the one ultimate language to build anything, and it definitely should have static typing and this and that". Languages are different, just like the ideas behind them. Projects are different too.

Just make them meet.


Cool, thanks I agree. Different languages or frameworks work best for some scenarios.

A language like Java tried (and is still trying) to be useful for building the UI of a web application, but is better suited for the backend while other languages or frameworks work better for the UI.

So I don't think we have a language that fits all needs.

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