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re: Wow, dude. Don't be that easy triggered for internet has other opinions people. Take it easy. :) P.S. I am honored that my repository has received...
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Are they tho? Your portfolio still renders a white page with some console errors.

There are really simple projects that are really useful. Flappy Bird. Hacker News. Code of Conduct Generator – you name it.

But then there are some projects that despite being built on top-tier VPS with Symphony, loads of business logic, a complex UI that take solid three minutes to build, are completely useless. But someone like you or any of those outsourcing companies I deny on daily basis swear by them like it's the only way to build things. I mean wait, what does it mean we shouldn't use react? It's an industry standard!

I find this behavior absolutely unacceptable.

Iamdevloper, the great account you're following, said this:

10 lines of code = 10 issues.
500 lines of code = "looks fine."

And it's just what your behavior is like.

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