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React vs Vue is not about the concepts. It’s about the money.

Facebook basically wanted to take over the industry by preventing lawsuits against them. This is why some companies banned react amongst their staff and this one of the reasons why Vue was sponsored by Alibaba.

While initially react was focusing on concepts, Vue just chosen to be more practical and to require less code. You don’t really need immutability, just go ahead and modify the state.

This is basically all the clash between them.

What matters today is not the thing itself but the infrastructure around it. You definitely have more rich tool palette with react: helpers, UI libraries, additional tools, bindings, integrations... in Vue, you can easily open an ui kit repo just to realize that everything except the repo name is in Chinese.

In 2017, Facebook was spending around $100k/mo to support React. Vue's palette is poorer not because Vue is bad – Vue is great. It’s poorer because Facebook invests ridiculous amounts of money in react.

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