A Love Letter to Verdana – the typeface that changed everything

Miloslav Voloskov on March 12, 2019

TL;DR: Before Verdana, typefaces were designed print-first. But after Verdana, most of the typefaces are designed to look great on screen first. ... [Read Full]
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Even though the idea was invented by Xerox and initially implemented in Alto, Windows is what brought the spotlight.

It was Mac OS

By now it was already 1979, and we found ourselves doing one of our many demos, but this time for a very interested audience: Steve Jobs, Jef Raskin, and other technical people from Apple.

-- The Early History Of Smalltalk


Nice point! But if you're talking about inventing the UI, it was Xerox.

If you're talking about bringing the spotlight, please remember than Mac OS could only be acquired by buying an expensive Apple PC while Windows was easily installable on any IBM-compatible PC.

Starting from Windows 3.1 and just until now, just look at market share and compare them. Windows is the king


ahh! my favorite font.Verdana

My default choice of font for Emails.


So glad to hear that. Even though I prefer Helvetica and NB Akademie, Verdana doesn’t deserve making jokes at. So much designers seem to hate it, but it’s beautiful and functional


Same, I even use it in some webpages, classic reliable font.

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