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Discussion on: How I became a certified Scrum Master in 3 days

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Muhammad Uzair

Is it a methodology to create software ? Like waterfall etc or a way for teams to collaborate ?

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Hassan El Mghari Author

Good question, it's both! It's precisely meant to replace methodologies like waterfall that don't have a fast feedback loop and also outlines a way for teams to collaborate. In waterfall, you have specific phases: requirements --> design --> implementation --> verification

This is a good process, but requirements may change often and you may end up working through a 6 month cycle to go through those big phases, only to realize business requirements have changed and you need to re-do a lot of work.

This is one of the problem that scrum solves. With scrum, you go through "sprints" (2-4 weeks of dev work), where you're continuously reviewing the requirements, collaborating with the team (product owner & stakeholders) while making small increments to your software. That way everyone is on the same page, and even if some requirements are wrong, it doesn't take much to self correct and the risk is minimal.

Hope that answered your question!