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Muhammad Uzair
Muhammad Uzair

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Have you ever considered switching to QA from development ? & Why ?

Have you ever been so much frustrated to switch to other positions from current job position ?

what was reason behind it ?

are you inspired by other positions or frustrated by your current position ?

how do you motivate yourself to stop that urge ?

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Michael Mangialardi

I think the main impetus for switching roles is that not all companies do a good job of assessing the unique spectrum of skills and interests of their developers.

Too often, developers get put in the box of the same type of work--working on writing code to release features to a product. There is often a failure to distinguish between maturity and attributes that make certain developers more fit for leadership, managerial, strategic/creative, or even product roles.

If someone feels like they are constantly not doing what they want to do and unmotivated by the work that is given to them, chances are you are not doing the correct type of work.

Thankfully, there are companies that do make these astute observations.