Sorting Out The Basics Behind Sorting Algorithms

Vaidehi Joshi on May 08, 2017

All of the sorting algorithms, without any of the debilitating fear! We’ve covered a whole array (pun totally intended) of data structures in th... [Read Full]
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There is something weirdly satisfying about this handwritten notes. And they're really helpful too!


I absolutely love these articles, especially as a visual learner. Incredibly valuable and helpful material, doubly-so because I've never taken any CS courses -- thank you!


That's awesome! Glad to hear that it's helpful. I'm a visual learner too, and have to write everything down in order to really learn it.


Amazing article! That kind of theory is something that every programmer must know, and the way you lay it out is exceptional.

Also, kudos for the pretty drawings :)


I really like this one. Vaidehi, you are consistently helping me drop some of my FOMO of dropping out of the computer science program. 😄


Hahaha, thanks! I suffer from continual bouts of computer science FOMO myself. ❤️

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