Would you read a React book if I write one?

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Hello everybody! Some of you should know me from React Redux Tutorial for Beginners. I'm writing this because I have a lot of material on React and Redux that could easily fill a book.

Would you read such a book if I decide to write it? It would focus on testing, best practices, with an eye on beginners. What's your thoughts?


I'd love to see testing, best practices and I'd request for real life usages.

I've seen so many Redux examples but not sure exactly how to apply Redux (especially with Web API calls, side effects, etc) in React projects.

If you would also be able to offer a physical copy, πŸ‘ :)


I imagine this would be a useful book.

Seems like you have good ideas about this. As far as things I'd love to see in a book on these subjects: Historical context on React. I feel like it would be nice to talk about the state of jQuery, Angular, and the rest of JS at the time. React came in and solved a particular problem and continues to evolve.

Anyway, good luck!


It's unlikely I would buy your book because I shy away from tech books who's content is married to a specific version of a framework or tool. I would however consider purchasing a video course if you decided to share your knowledge that way.


Yes! Your materials helped me a lot with my onboarding project at my first web dev job. Would definitely read and support a book from you!


Agreed, there are plenty of examples and tutorials out there, but if you focus on testing, you have my attention!

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