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Discussion on: Completed My First Major React Project

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Michael Vannucci

This is really motivational since I’m trying to get a job with React and have a project of my own in mind. Thanks! What would you say was the biggest technical stumbling block and did you find good resources for it? How did you learn secure user management?

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Brian Barbour Author • Edited

Luckily, Firebase makes the secure user management easy. The entire auth piece handled outside of the client, on their servers. So, I was just tapping into that API.

The biggest stumbling block I think for this project was probably displaying things conditionally based on the user being logged in or not. I ended up making my useAuth custom hook and using protected route render props for React Router.

Also, just the size of the project too. It's bigger than anything I've built before. Trying to conceptualize and plan out how I wanted it all to fit together was a new experience.

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