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re: I think web components are the future, but sadly not the present. I read, Google switched many of its websites to the new Polymer framework, and t...

Yeah, these read as contradictory to me

Today, Web Components are Widely Supported

the Edge team has announced their intent to ship

"Intent to ship" means "not currently supported." I've been hearing about how web components are right around the corner for the entire time I've been paid to write React code.

I don't disagree with the premise; web components are likely to be a superior implementation for the "leaves" of an application. Buttons, dropdowns, checkboxes, etc, would be much easier to use if we could do <custom-checkbox onChange={handleChange} /> within React.

The YouTube performance/stability problems that I saw demonstrate to me that they're not truly usable yet, though, and I have concerns that they'll be outdated and difficult to use by the time they're supported across all modern browsers. The can I use page for them says to me that it's still a long way off.

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