Symptoms of a dysfunctional team

Carl Vitullo on January 21, 2019

(image credit: rawpixel on unsplash) I've had a lot of jobs (8 since 2012), which means I've worked with a lot of teams. One of the main reasons I... [Read Full]
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Thanks for the post. I wrote a response focusing particularly on burning out from overworking and what senior/lead engineers and engineering/project managers can do to prevent this.


This is an excellent article! Thanks a lot for sharing it! I have worked for some teams where this was happening and a lot of the things you listed here are absolutely true!


Thanks! These are hard lessons to learn, and it's easy to get stuck in a bad environment while you waffle on whether it's really bad or if you just need to try a little harder. Hope I can save somebody some pain :)


I can add one more sign: if senior people in the team constantly contradict each other and you are in the middle of it. This should be obvious, but I still had that experience.

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