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SOON: Vectorly’s launching E-book on career progression on Product Hunt

This Friday, June 11, Vectorly’s preparing for a big launch on Product Hunt with a big E-book on career progression to help managers plan the careers of their tech teams. And it’s awesome!

Why have we made this guide?

Reason #1. Plenty of small and medium companies don’t feel the need to build a career ladder. Decisions on promotion are unplanned and professional development happens as the company grows. In this case, employees may lose motivation over time and leave their company for a place where they will be offered career growth opportunities.

Reason #2. Implementing a career progression framework gives lots of benefits both to the company and employees. Among them are significant motivation increase, possibility to take transparent and fair promotion decisions, faster professional development of a team, and improving company brand image.

Reason #3. To build an effective career progression, a manager needs to take into consideration the company’s goals and the existing practices that have been implemented by the top tech companies.

With the help of Vectorly’s new E-book, managers will explore these practices and get all they need to implement career paths in their companies.


  • ✅ Step-by-step guide on building a career ladder
  • ✅ Basic toolkit for a manager
  • ✅ Experts’ advice and their experience in implementing career progression frameworks
  • ✅ Examples of successful tech companies who have developed their own career ladders
  • ✅ FREE career path templates for 50+roles


You can download your free copy before the official launch via this link:

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