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Discussion on: Introduction to functional programming with C#

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It seems like a blasphemy here if you mention some language, other than JS, can be used (or even worse: used for FP). Not sure why but many JS devs have this urge to show everyone JS is the best programming language out there (p.s. it isn't). Comments are mostly about the authors and code he wrote. I agree, if you publish some code online, even in blog post, it should be working, but it would be much better if we stick to the topic, rather than discussing the author. It's childish how people try to justify their language of choice by claiming their language is the best, and paradigm supported by that language is the only right one. If you catch yourself saying JS is better than C# (Java, C++...) or vice versa I have bad news for you: you're lousy software developer. If you catch yourself saying FP is better than OOP or vice versa I have bad news for you again: you don't understand neither of them. You're no different to any other extremist finding his holly grail.
First of all FP is around for so long, obsessing about it these days looks like obsessing about invention of wheel.
As a predominantly .Net developer I mostly rely on OOP. But that doesn't mean I don't use FP. Yes, C# supports FP programming style, probably not as good as some pure (pun intended) FP languages, but good enough to help you write better code. And it's been like that for years, with each new language spec supporting FP even more. If you want to criticize C# or any other programming language please write some code in it first. If you truly understand OOP and FP, you will find out you can use both of them. They both have pros and cons. If you manage to get pros column of both to your code, you have a winner.